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Rule of thumb for Diet

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Definition of Diet based on Oxford English Dictionary is as follows

1. [countable,uncountable]the food that you eat and drink regularly

2. [countable]a limited variety amount of food that you eat for medical reasons or because you want to lose weight; a time when you only eat this limited variety or amount.

There are so many types of diet, are they actually working ?

As you've might have observed that there are so many kinds of diets proposed in the media and you wonder "Are they really good"

What I want to convey here basically there is no One Diet that is good for everybody. Each person are different and therefore require different diet. You need to speak with your dietician, nutritionist or your naturopath doctor so then they can help you with a customised diet that suit your need.

Why a diet is different from one person to another ?

What body needs is based on age, sex, medical history, season, weather, predisposition of certain sickness, composition of gut microbiome, current health situation, mood, stress level, etc. So it is more complex than what you've thought.

And most important is to learn to listen to your body. Your body is actually capable in telling you whether the food/ drink you take is good for the body or not. You have to learn to listen on the little signal that the body gave. For example the stomach feel uncomfortable, become sleepy, itchy, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, change on the skin, change on the mood, etc.

But the below diet is good for all

Eating non overly transformed food. The closest to its natural form is better.

Local, bio/ non treated with pesticide and in season.

Freshly prepared as stockage can reduce its nutrition.

In rough the composition recommended is 60% vegetables, 20% protein and 20% carbohydrate

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